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Westbridge Motors

1st April 2020


Westbridge Motors

THE countdown is on to the opening of a state-of-the-art, multi-bay buy-time jet wash.

The taps will soon be turned on at the do-it-yourself jet wash at Northampton's Westbridge Motors in St James Road, Northampton, heralding a new era in the way we wash our cars, vans or even caravans. The company has been trading on the site since 1937 and has served the motorist in many forms over the years.

All six bays (which will be called Boxes on site) will have underfloor heating with full lighting and five will be undercover. The taller high-top vans, caravans and small goods vehicles will be able to access the sixth box which will have higher clearance.

Karl Brocklehurst, of Westbridge Motors, said: "A lot of time and energy has gone into taking the decision to invest in this multi-bay jet wash system"

"There is still work to be done but, once it is complete, we think vehicle owners and drivers who take pride in their cars, vans, or caravans will enjoy the experience, whilst also ensuring that we responsibly dispose of the wastewater and cleaning products by having the drainage designed in line with legislation."

The customer will be able to buy time, with cash or through a secure online app called ready2wash on their smart phone or computer. Paying with cash, the user will get four minutes for £2 (a minimum unit will be £1) and by using the smart phone app the same £2 value will get them five minutes' machine time.

Karl's father and the Managing Director of Westbridge Motors, Nick Brocklehurst, said: "We believe the ready2wash system will be very popular with individuals and also the small fleet operator as they will be able to buy time in advance, obtain a receipt and then issue virtual wash credits for their drivers to use."

The range of options will include: wheel wash; active foam; hot pressure washing, with hot water; brush washing, with hot water; rinsing, with softened cold water; wax, with softened cold water; and spot free rinse, using reverse osmosis.

Currently the jet wash is anticipated to open in May 2020.

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