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Griffiths Air Conditioning

1st February 2019


Griffiths Air Conditioning

IN 2018 home air conditioning was an essential service Griffiths Air Conditioning and Electrical Contractors provided for many of its customers. Griffiths also completed a considerable amount of work in the domestic home sector with its air-to-water heat pumps. Last year the demand for home air conditioning increased due to the very warm weather.

With forecasters predicting more hot summers to come, Griffiths look forward to helping many more homeowners with heating and cooling solutions.

Owner Ian Griffiths said: "Years ago, conservatory air conditioning was extremely popular but more recently we have noticed the trend move upstairs to the bedroom areas. An air conditioned bedroom can ensure a comfortable night's rest during hot sticky summer evenings. Small ducted systems have been a very popular solution for lots of our customers in recent years. This is an option that a lot of new customers are not familiar with. Ducted air conditioning systems are generally installed in the loft space with ceiling diffusers fitted in the rooms that require cooling. Single ducted units can serve up to four bedrooms, or for customers who only want one bedroom air conditioned, we often also install a ducted ceiling grille over the stairs giving cooling to the centre of the whole home. All the systems we install are reversible so that they can be used very efficiently to provide heat on chilly spring or autumn days rather than turn the whole central heating system on."

Griffiths are D1+ Daikin Premium Partners and offer a seven-year warranty on all the installations. Daikin have a great range of systems and all of their domestic products use a very environmentally friendly refrigerant called R32. They have a triple plus energy efficiency rating for their wall-mounted systems ensuring the running cost won't keep you awake in your air-conditioned bedroom.

Griffiths offer free advice and surveys and can also be visited at their showroom in Burton Latimer. Because heat pump air-conditioned systems are so efficient in heating mode, all the domestic products installed in the home qualify for a reduced rate of VAT at five per cent. For more details on business or home air conditioning, contact the Griffiths office at or call 01536 420666.

Griffiths Air Conditioning