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1st May 2019


A DECISION to invest £40m in Northampton to give nearly every home and business access to next generation ultra-fast broadband is testament to the vision of the team at telecommunications specialist dbfb.

The Northampton-based service provider has been a driving force behind the campaign to attract investment which will transform the town's digital infrastructure.

It is three years since dbfb took the decision to partner with CityFibre and become their launch partner for Northampton and deploy a full fibre network to businesses based across Northampton. Since the network went live in early 2017 dbfb has connected over 100 businesses to the full fibre network.

Now dbfb, headed up by Managing Director Simon Pickering, is anticipating opportunities to expand the state-of-the-art network to other towns across Northamptonshire.

"This decision is excellent news for Northampton and Northamptonshire," said Simon.

"The future-proof infrastructure will not only benefit homes but give businesses an opportunity to take full advantage of the latest technology. We are very proud of our decision in 2016 which has helped to ensure that Northampton is now one of 12 towns across the country to be chosen."

The far-sighted vision of dbfb has been embraced by decision makers at Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire County Council, who recognise this will deliver millions in economic benefits.

At present, full fibre connectivity is only available to six per cent of UK properties, including Milton Keynes, where dbfb is one of the leading providers to business.

By using fibre optic cables for every stage of the connection from the customer's home or business to the internet, users are offered a significantly superior and more reliable broadband service, with download and upload speeds 100 times faster than the average fixed broadband connection in the UK.

Leader of Northampton Borough Council, Cllr Jonathan Nunn, said: "It's been very exciting to work on this with CityFibre and we absolutely welcome their investment, which places Northampton at the forefront of the UK's full fibre roll-out. The future is digital, therefore having the right infrastructure in Northampton is essential for us to remain competitive.

"This inward investment will help us attract businesses, build digital skills and resilience across local companies and services, and support new start up activity. It will also support the adoption of new innovations such as digital health and care services or e-learning tools. This, in turn, will drive economic growth with the benefits being felt by everyone who lives and works here."

Leader of Northamptonshire County Council Cllr Matt Golby said: "As a county we are at the geographic heart of the UK and now with this investment we will be placed at the digital heart of the UK as well.

"This is superb news for businesses and residents alike and a significant vote of confidence in Northampton. The increases in download and upload speeds will be truly transformative for the local economy ensuring businesses can continue to prosper in a town at the very fore-front of the digital economy."

Both leaders have recognised and thanked the team at dbfb for their support in securing this significant investment and both understand the importance a full fibre network will play not just in Northamptonshire but in the UK.


Why is Full-Fibre so important?

Full-fibre infrastructure will transform your business

Full-Fibre networks provide businesses with the most advanced digital connection possible. Constructed with the latest deployment techniques, smart-routing, reinforced cables and ducting, only full-fibre networks can support ultra-fast, ultra-reliable services and provide a future-proofed connectivity alternative.


Fibre to the cabinet falls short

The term 'fibre' is often misconstrued. Many internet services advertised as fibre will actually be relying on a last mile of copper wire, causing a crippling bottleneck on internet speeds and upload capabilities at times of peak use. This service can also be capped meaning your business can exceed their monthly data allowance leaving you with higher than expected costs.

Full-fibre is the truly resilient alternative and is delivered uncapped.

CityFibre only invest in full-fibre, which means fibre at every point in the network, including the last mile. With no reliance on Victorian-age copper infrastructure, you can ensure your business receives ultrafast, consistent and reliable internet connectivity.

For those businesses who are yet to join the ultrafast broadband revolution, please contact us for a consultation meeting and see if your business is eligible for the £2500 fibre voucher currently offered by the goverment

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