Creating a culture of respect and dignity


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Wilson Browne

1st November 2019


WILSON Browne Solicitors is to host a no-cost seminar for HR professionals and business leaders.

Creating the right workplace culture delivers huge rewards. You stay 'the right side of the law' and also build a culture where employees feel emotionally engaged with your business. This means your team will be more productive where absenteeism is reduced, people are more committed and stay longer and your reputation and brand image soars.

In a world where attitudes, expectations and legislation are constantly evolving, it is important not to be left behind. On Tuesday 12 September, Paul Beesley, an expert with more than 20 years' experience in HR and training, joins Jennie Jahina, an expert Employment Partner from Wilson Browne Solicitors, to offer a free seminar to help you to instil a culture where attitudes and behaviours are in keeping with your business's values, and with the expectations and requirements of the modern workplace.

Topics covered include avoiding clumsiness; creating an environment where people can speak-up; discussing when banter crosses the line; how behaviours are influenced by those around us - and how to recognise it; the challenge of hard boundaries versus soft boundaries.

The seminar will take place between 9am and midday on 12 November at Kettering Park Hotel

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