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Driving force behind generous donations

AN accountant has been the driving force behind a collection to support Northampton’s food bank.

This is the fourth year that Ola Sulaimon at Ronzl Accountants Ltd in Northampton’s Billing Road has been organising a collection and each year it gets bigger and better.

In just a few weeks, more than £500 was raised which means Ola and her supporters were able to buy food and other products which is then shared with those in need.

Ola said: “My passion for the invaluable work at the food bank is because I have a real love for food. This means I think about what some of our friends and families go through when they find themselves in situations which mean they can’t provide food for their families especially their children.

“In 2014, while taking a trolley of food donations on behalf of my local church, I told myself I wish I could help raise at least three trolleys of food during the Christmas period. The following year, with the help of my friends, family and clients I was able to raise up to four full trolleys full of food and it has gone on from there.”

Business colleagues, clients, friends and family all gave their support to Ola’s fundraiser.

The donations were spent on food and household items which Ola delivered to Emmanuel’s church food bank branch of Spencer Bridge in December. Linda and her team at this food bank were very grateful to all the food donations and she said they really wish to have a bigger storage locally to support the high demand of food and house hold items for families going to hard times.

Some of the toiletries and food donated was also delivered to Eve charity in Northampton and they were very grateful for the donation.

Ola is most grateful to everybody that has supported in the food donations and hope next year Linda’s team will have bigger storage to take more donations from her friends and families

To find out more contact Ronzl Accountants Ltd, 51 Billing Road, Northampton on 01604 965826 or see the website at www.ronzlaccountants.co.uk