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1st January 2019



By Jon Thorpe


MOST industries today recognise that the threat of a cyber-attack is real but, concerningly, we're also aware that businesses are not responding fast enough to educate their communities about the danger.

Companies have to embrace the need to mitigate the risks as essentially, it's only a matter of time before the breach happens. Just by putting into place the minimum recommended protection makes a company less attractive to the opportunists and that's where ACS can help.

As an IASME Licensed Certification Body, ACS offer fixed fee packages of consultancy, audit and certification for Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials PLUS. Smart companies can move forward quickly begin to use this as a business differentiator.

ACS work to a set of baseline technical controls, and the process of certification has been designed to be lightweight and easily manageable while at the same time providing a respected standard in cyber security.

ACS will run a two-day, onsite assessment to review your organisation's processes and compliance, and if necessary our consultants will then provide a Suggested Policies Documentation before completing your final IASME Audit and awarding you with your official certification.

The government has already begun to mandate it for their suppliers, recommending steps that businesses should put in place as basic standard to protect themselves - including obtaining Cyber Essentials. By making Cyber Essentials a prerequisite when bidding for government contracts and grants, the UK government is showing how serious they are that Cyber Essentials should be a basic prerequisite for organisations. Large corporations will likely follow.

It will be the not-so-distant future when cyber risk mitigation will simply be business as usual so now is the time to get ahead of the curve. To do this, all companies should be obtaining Cyber Essentials accreditation as a minimum. A company that is serious about protecting its data can’t afford to lose customers because they discover it doesn't even have the most basic accreditation and cyber risk defence in place.

Don't forget organisations with less than £20m turnover may also be entitled to free cyber insurance!

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