Getting a shoe on the management ladder


18th November 2014


NEP's Jobs Brokerage team know a thing or two about collaborating with Northamptonshire companies to find the best available candidates for training positions.

Two years ago, the team devised a scheme to match businesses with a relevant skilled workforce. In 2012 and 2013, it was tailored it to the specific needs of Northamptonshire logistics company, Knights of Old, where many of the trainees have chosen to stay, work towards a logistics qualification and secure a permanent position.

This and similar initiatives are the result of a collaboration between NEP and key partners to establish cross-sector programmes of support to maximise employment opportunities in Northamptonshire.

The longest association so far has been with Church's, Northampton-based and Prada-owned luxury footwear manufacturer for whom NEP has now delivered three apprenticeship recruitment campaigns.

Management Trainee Opportunities

The Jobs Brokerage team's approach to finding candidates best suited to the specific criteria of employers together with Church's renowned training and development programme has attracted numerous quality candidates many of whom have been given the chance to achieve, gain confidence and progress a sustainable career in footwear.

The success of these campaigns has now led Church's to embark on a Management Development Programme in association with NEP who are again heavily involved in the recruitment process.

Shoe-making from start to finish

Church's Management Development Programme is designed to give individuals the opportunity to learn the operational process of shoe-making from start to finish and to gain an appreciation of other functional departments within the business. Technical skills will be supported along with personal development and management skills.

The programme is designed to run over two to four years with structured formal reviews taking place throughout to support the learning and deal with any issues that may arise.

In-house and external training

A combination of in-house and external training will be provided and key outcomes will be established to ensure that the learning has been achieved. Individuals on the programme will be encouraged to work together as a team in an effort to support one another as well as working on specific projects.

On completion of the programme, it is envisaged that individuals will be able to move into suitable junior management/supervisory positions within the business.

Here's how to apply

If you have a genuine interest in the shoe industry and the drive, determination and dedication to succeed, send your CV and covering letter to

For more information about Church's Management Development Programme, visit NEP's Jobs Board at

Deadline for applications is Friday 21st November 2014.