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Urban Planters

1st April 2018


Urban Planters

EVERYONE benefits from having plants and greenery about the place (biofilia as its officially known), but a neglected spider plant in a dried-up pot isn't going to make anyone feel much better.

Urban Planters have the solution - a vast selection of plants and pots to make fantastic displays and at prices that won't cost much more than picking up a weekly latte from the coffee shop on the way into work.

Based in Cogenhoe, the Northampton business was founded in 2010 and brings a wealth of industry experience. They enjoy designing planting schemes with their Clients, based on their individual needs and budget - nothing is too small or too large. Their "right plant, right place" policy ensures your plants flourish in their new home. A 2m high display can actually cost as little as £2.50 per week and there is a huge selection to choose from. Many of the planters can be sprayed any RAL colour to match corporate colours if required. Their service includes an all-inclusive, hassle free, monthly maintenance visit by a qualified plant technician, which ensures the plants will continue to thrive, all you have to do is enjoy them.

The company has many clients across the region, including Porsche at Silverstone, the Hilton Hotel and Towcester Racecourse and can supply anything from a single orchid for a reception desk through to something out of the ordinary, like living walls, moss walls and plant art.

Heather McNicol, who runs Urban Planters with her husband Steve, said: "It has been scientifically proven that having plants in an environment is beneficial to the well-being of those that work or live there. Plants are known to improve the air quality and humidity, as well as relieving stress, improving concentration and productivity - generally making people feel better.

"There are also practical reasons to have plants around. Positioned correctly, they help to reduce glare from a sunny window and help keep room temperatures down, they can provide privacy and screening and they can save energy and help absorb noise."

Their benefits are far greater than just being aesthetically pleasing.

"Having plants in your environment - whether it be an office, hotel, restaurant, school, hospital, home... basically any building, is beneficial to everyone within it. It is a clear indicator that a company cares for the well-being of their staff if they provide plants in their workplace. It is certainly more cost effective than buying your own, then having to replace them regularly because they get neglected or they're not suited to their environment."

To find out more about Urban Planters, call 01604 890433 or visit www.urbanplanters.co.uk

Urban Planters