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1st September 2019



By Stephen Harley

Director of Pre-Sales


WHILE Office 365 is widely recognised and adopted across business it would be fair to say that Office 365's big brother Microsoft 365 hasn't enjoyed the same recognition and uptake since its launch in 2017.

For those that aren't already aware, Microsoft 365 brings together the transformative collaboration software and systems of Office 365 with Advanced Security and Device Management capabilities, along with upgrade rights for Microsoft's Windows 10 Professional.

Machine learning features have been baked into Office 365 to help predict what users need to create their best work. PowerPoint Designer will suggest slide templates based on the content being used, Word checks for any NSFW language whilst Excel can even recognise patterns in data entry to fill in the remaining information. These features all help boost productivity, but Microsoft's innovation doesn't stop there.

As employers recognise the need for mobility in the workplace, Microsoft has designed collaboration and integration tools into the heart of Office 365. Microsoft Teams allows people to collaborate, no matter their respective distance, through persistent chat, audio and video conferencing capabilities. Teams enables the storing and sharing of files in the cloud and allows multiple users to edit the information simultaneously as well as synchronise those changes across the team. This affords businesses more flexibility to allow staff to work how they prefer, to produce their best work as efficiently as possible, even when on the go.

Integrated into Microsoft 365 are many of the features of Enterprise Mobility and Security suite; a bank of granular security tools that enables users to control how documents can be copied, viewed or edited, that can manage a fleet of mobile devices and can also add multi-factor authorisation. These provide IT administrators the ability to control and mitigate security risks efficiently as the system has been designed around an easy-to-use, cloud-based portal.

This offers organisations the ability to manage, secure and protect their data, their systems and their devices from compromise or loss whilst simultaneously giving users access to the latest collaboration tools. All for a simple per user per month price.

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