How to ruin your love life

DBfB Communications

1st March 2018


AS I write my monthly article today, the 14 February, I am now aware that today is a special day, yes it's Valentines Day.

This realisation is no accident. One of dbfb's super young salespersons, namely Connor Slasberg, in case you know him, or in case you don't but quite possibly might some time in the future, has just recited to me how he approached the NN Connect networking meeting this morning, and I quote.

"Today is a very important day. If you're anything like me, it's been on your mind for a long time. If you don't get this right, it has the potential to ruin relationships. Two words, first begins with V, second ends in Y, I'm of course talking about... VOIP TELEPHONY!!" (Voice over Internet Protocol).

No prizes for guessing what everybody thought the answer was, it was... VALENTINES DAY! (Thought I had best give you the answer in case you had forgotten today's date).

Now, of course, Connor is quite correct. VOIP telephony is great providing you have the connection speeds to support it. If not, you may spoil a great number of your relationships other than the potential of your love life.

And beware - there are still, I have been told recently by a local business, salespeople telling unsuspecting potential customers 'No it's not over your internet' when in fact that is exactly what they are selling you. Don't get caught out, the speed required for VOIP depends on any number of variables and how you are using your internet connection, both now and for the future.

Another subject I have been asked to write about for this month's rant is VR (Virtual Reality). Now anyone who knows me is aware that the latest technology is probably not my strongest point. Hence, some members of our staff pronouncing that dbfb stands for 'don't bother foning Brian'. (Blame Vodafone for the spelling). Well I have been sent a link to an article entitled 7 Ways Samsung Gear VR is Transforming Business. It is well worth a look for all you progressive business folk. So rather than try to precis the content, losing more valuable time when I should be buying cards, flowers and meals, here is the link. Let me know what you make of it. I'll read it again and when the young guns here at dbfb explain what it means, I'll understand as well!

DBfB Communications