Keeping safe from hackers


25th January 2016


WITH UK companies suffering more cyber security incidents than their global counterparts and falling behind others in detecting them, find out how you can avoid damaging the reputation of your business.

Did you know?

70% of UK companies suffered business down time due to security incidents in 2015, and a small business breach can cost from 75k+ per attack.

This one-day conference focuses on how Northamptonshire organisations can protect themselves, their customers and employees.

SilverDisc brings senior decision makers from the Northamptonshire business community face to face with leading cyber security experts.

Morning sessions

* Top level intelligence briefings on the UK’s Cyber Security strategy

* Find out how the Police regional Cyber security team are working to inform at a local level

* Major corporates Barclaycard and Vodafone share their experience of the risk of cyber

Keynote speaker Richard Bach, Dept. of Culture, Media & Sport, will be outlining the importance of the Government’s Cyber Essential initiative.

Ask the experts

Raise questions over your own cyber concerns during our panel discussion with the experts

Afternoon Sessions

* PwC demonstrate how easy it is to affect a breach with the data that we readily provide through social engineering.

Round-table discussions

* Explore the effects on cyber security through our legal obligation

* Discover what we are and are not insured for

* Learn what measures we need to take for business continuity in the event of a breach.

The event will be held at the County Cricket Ground, on 21 March 2016

For more information and to register, contact Neil Campbell at SilverDisc on 01536 316100 or visit: