New Year resolution: don't be antisocial

Chelton Brown

1st January 2019


Chelton Brown

IN 2019, the question is no longer whether social media is important for business - with 83 per cent of the UK's adult population now liking, tweeting, gramming, snapping and YouTubing for a 100-plus minutes every day - the question now, is how to make the most of it.

At Chelton Brown, we were early adopters of social media for business. So, we've spent a few years understanding and experimenting with it. Today, we see social media not so much as a 'tool' or 'activity' but rather as a clear extension of our business; and a very open and public one for that matter. Here are three things we've learnt:

1. Keep it relevant.

Posting on social media is like speaking to a large audience - say something relevant and interesting. We get asked many questions about various aspects of the property market by our buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords. Our team uses these questions to create content for social media, which is always very popular.

2. Open for business.

Coming back to social media being an extension of our business. It's sometimes easier for people to get in touch via comments or messages on social media as opposed to the formal channels (phone, email etc.). We really encourage this. It's amazing how often we find buyers and tenants just through social media! We feel this also gives us a competitive edge.

3. Highlight people.

Last but by no means least, people are probably the most important part of any business. Therefore, we use social media to share news and achievements of our team. As you know 'people buy from people' so why not highlight our wonderful people on social media.

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Chelton Brown