Recognised focus on quality


1st January 2018



IN a bid to truly maximise uptime, along with the launch of the next generation product last year, Scania launched to its network a programme for escalation technicians in the UK. The vision was to enhance diagnostic capability in the network and deliver a faster response to vehicles off road (VOR).

Independent dealer TruckEast fully embraced the programme from the start, with two of the UK's 27 escalation technicians positioned within their group; Colin Woodcock and Brian Sundalskliev.

Across the UK, the role has introduced a first line of escalation in the event of a technical VOR in a workshop that is difficult to resolve. As part of the programme, not only do the team of escalation technicians receive enhanced training but they also come together for annual conferences containing any product updates on the horizon.

Having worked with the Scania product for seventeen years, Northampton-based Colin's work ethic is to get it right the first time; a trait that naturally led to being put forward to be an escalation technician originally.

"For me, it's just good practice, any engine, any problem found, I create a case file - attach supporting documents, write a good explanation of the problem and of course take photographs," said Colin. All cases logged are sent to the technical centre at Loughborough, where they are relayed to the factory whilst remaining as a key resource for the network.

"That resource is so useful, if we ever have a complicated job, as well as looking into the vehicle's history we can access past case files to look for similar faults. Ultimately, this means reduced downtime for our customers."

Across the industry, it's known that even the best vehicles are only as good as the backup and support behind them. At Scania, a core value within the network is to put customers first. The evidence of this already in place is reflected by the customer service provided, including 24/7 roadside assistance and extended workshop availability. The focus on reducing downtime through the introduction of escalation technicians is another means to keep business moving and demonstrate this commitment to their customers.