Sale will see firm expand

Emailcenter UK Ltd

1st April 2018


Emailcenter UK Ltd

THE Towcester-based email marketing business Emailcenter UK Ltd has been sold to Xtremepush, an Irish-owned multi-channel analytics and engagement firm, in a seven-figure trade sale that will it expand its staffing, product and services base.

Founded in 2001 by local tech entrepreneur, Nigel Williams, Emailcenter was an early innovator in exploiting the market potential of email in customer relationship management.

The sale to Xtremepush creates an integrated digital marketing service provider, adding enterprise-class analytics of mobile and web customers, and driving market engagement with personalised messaging, web, app push notifications, and iBeacon and geo-fencing capabilities.

The business fit could not be better, according to the former Emailcenter UK Ltd owner, who says there is exciting added-value opportunity for existing Emailcenter clients, as well as extensive scope to grow the tech firm.

"With the way the industry is going, the majority of Emailcenter's 200 clients already have, or will have, a need for the Xtremepush multichannel services, such as push, In app, web push, location services, SMS or social channels," said Nigel. With Nigel Williams stepping down from the business he founded, Jason McSweeney, his Co-Director at Emailcenter UK Ltd, will lead the UK business. Christian Williams is staying on at the successful tech company, to support the client relationships and services nurtured by his father over the last 15 years, and Chris Minet continues in his role as Technical Operations Manager.

Cross-selling multi-channel analytics and engagement tools to Emailcenter clients will be a focus for growth, and gives the business a unique offering internationally. There are plans for additional investment in the UK business, in the region of £500 to £700K per year, for the next two to three years, to achieve maximum business integration and customer alignment.

Xtremepush owns its own technology stack and the UK acquisition completes a multi-channel solution, creating one of few global companies owning their own entire technology, end-to-end.

The acquisition of Emailcenter's trade, technology and products, Maxemail and Maxautomation, fit well into the existing Xtremepush multichannel analytics and engagement product offering.

"Emailcenter are experts in the ESP market, and have been for over 15 years," said Xtremepush CEO Tommy Kearns. "They have evolved to become the email marketing platform of choice for some of the UK's biggest brands, and this acquisition provides an ideal platform to market a complete multi-channel solution, giving Xtremepush a unique digital marketing offering internationally."

Clients for Emailcenter's data driven digital marketing services already include Saga Group, Ethiopian Airlines, MegaBus, skypark secure, Jardine Motors, Citybond Holdings,, Pearson Education, NS & I, and Jason Atherton Group.

Emailcenter UK Ltd