Stay protected against cyber attack

Wentworth Alexander

1st May 2019


Wentworth Alexander

WE live in a hugely exciting world of technological innovations, with more and more of our business being conducted online. Inevitably, this has given rise to a huge network of criminals who target large and small businesses with attacks that compromise their internal systems. With every technological breakthrough a new form of cyber crime tends to follow.

Cyber breaches not only affect business profits, but also reputation and puts at risk confidential information. Many businesses often believe that they are too small to be targeted, however almost half of all SMEs surveyed last year were effected in some way by a cyber attack. It is deemed inevitable that every company will fall victim to a breach at some point, even those that have taken steps to protect themselves.

Research shows that very few companies are well prepared to deal with a cyber incident, with only 30 per cent of all SMEs having adequate security systems or a response plan in place. The introduction of GDPR means that companies can now face fines of up to four per cent of their annual global turnover if they fail to secure their data.

Wentworth Alexander are a firm of highly experienced insurance brokers. We have the skills, knowledge and expertise to arrange insurance protection which offers cyber security crisis management and claims resolution for any size business. We understand that no two firms are exposed to the same risks, and will work with each of our clients to ensure that we offer the right level of protection. A comprehensive and correctly arranged cyber insurance policy will offer 24-hour support from highly experienced cyber security, legal and public relations companies.

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