The power of the moving image


24th August 2015


FROM Hollywood to your business boardroom, OSB Digital Films is very much at home creating videos that capture the imagination and put a positive message across.

Founded by Ollie Blythe when he returned to this country from studying and working in LA, OSB Digital Films is helping businesses make the most of using video and film to market themselves, their services and their products.

OSB will handle everything from the initial discussions about content through to the final edit, provided in a format that enables links to websites and social media, and which can be used in foyers, at presentations and at exhibitions and shows.

Ollie said: "I studied at a film academy in New York and then moved to LA to do a degree in film production. When I came back to the UK, I saw the potential for companies putting videos on their websites, it wasn't so common five or six years ago but most businesses are doing it now. It's a fantastic way to introduce yourself and your company. When you compare watching a video that gets the message across to someone trawling through pages and pages of a website, you see the value of film."

From the initial consultation, OSB will help develop ideas, decide upon a location depending on the business, advise on content and then carry out the shoot, which is usually two days, followed by a week or so of editing.

"Because video is a fairly new idea for businesses, people often need advice on what works best. We understand the processes, and we have equipment that can make all sorts of shots and angles possible, using dollies and cranes and even drones these days. We can advise on the creative side and the content.

"There's a perception that filming will be expensive and time-consuming, but that's not the case. It's an affordable way to showcase a business, and everything can be left to us, with very little disruption to the day-to-day running of the business."

To find out more about OSB Digital Films, contact Ollie Blythe on 07800 802614, email or visit the website