The REALLY smart office

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1st May 2018


DBfB Communications

WHAT is a smart office? A cutting-edge, technology-enabled workplace that not only promotes flexibility and productivity, but cuts costs attracts and retains talented employees. A workplace design that puts smart technology at the forefront and embraces revolutionary connectivity. That's what.

After 20 years of flourishing technology, alongside the rapid growth of the internet, 2018 sees a new era. This era is smarter and faster; we now have everything at the swipe of a fingertip or the tip of our tongues with smart speaker technology. So why shouldn't the workplace be the same?

The smart office brings together two main elements: advanced facilities management systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). Digital centralisation is the future. These two components create a round and functional workspace, where the benefits stack up against the traditional office.

As we increase the number of gadgets around us, there is more need to connect them to each other. Cars that drive themselves, talk to each other, smart homes with communicating appliances and the ever-interconnected smart offices. Though it is described as a machine-to-machine system, IoT is aimed at empowering workers to save time, become more efficient and increase productivity.

Imagine - Your calendar indicates a meeting at 10am in the conference room. When you arrive the audio-visual equipment has set itself, the coffee machine has brewed ready to go without pressing a button. During the meeting, you are tasked with meeting a client at noon. Your smartphone adds it to the calendar. At 11.30 you enter your car but it already knows your destination. All your gadgets are communicating anticipating your needs. You save time and focus on what really matters.

As I write this article I am in my current smart office using the best technology available to me at the moment. I am on the balcony of my seventh floor State Room on a cruise ship docked in Nassau, in the Bahamas. The sun is shining, the sea is blue, the palm trees are waving gently in the tropical breeze and everything is really cool.

Now that's what I call a REALLY smart office.

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