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1st April 2018



DO you feel your business is being held back by slow and unreliable broadband? Rural businesses can often feel like second-class customers when it comes to broadband, with inconsistent, snail's pace connections. Gigaclear, the ultra-fast fibre broadband provider, is here to change that and ensure your business is future-proofed with the high-speed, high-quality broadband you require.

Gigaclear is dedicated to providing reliable, ultrafast, full fibre broadband to homes and businesses in rural Britain. With many years' experience Gigaclear knows and understands that rural businesses rely on high speed broadband to remain competitive, innovative and efficient. With constant technological advances, a fast, reliable internet connection is an essential tool for a business to function and grow. Available to rural locations in Northamptonshire, you can take advantage of ultra-fast broadband and get your business up to speed.

Businesses operating in the rural segment employ in excess of 3.4 million people in over 600,000 businesses, and the sector is growing rapidly. Gigaclear is committed to ensuring that these rural establishments have access to the latest and very best technology and are not disadvantaged by their location.

There are competitively priced packages to suit every size of business. With speeds of 50Mbps to a massive 1Gbps, for both upload and download, can your business afford not to switch? Interrupted service and frustratingly slow connections can be a thing of the past. The business broadband packages have been designed exclusively for offices and homeworkers. Included as standard:

* Business grade SLAs

* Symmetric upload and download speeds

* Unlimited broadband usage

* Support seven days a week

* Static IP address

* Lower contention ratio

Gigaclear makes sure the switch-over is as quick and simple as possible, so your business can be operating on ultrafast broadband with minimal disruption. Once you've got Gigaclear, you'll wonder how your business ever managed without it.

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