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What am I doing?

By Brian Kingston


I really do not know what to write about this month. But here goes.

A group of people have not read last month’s article from me, and convinced by the false information on the World Wide Web have set fire to several 5G masts in the UK. It seems hard to believe that some folk think that radio waves can spread a virus among us and that attempting to destroy them will stop the installation of these aerials. One thing is certain, and that is the advance of communications technology, and all technologies, will carry on at an ever-accelerating pace. The normality of human global life may have ground to a virtual halt for many of us, but the scientists are still at work on everything to advance whatever field they may be in. Research into 6G is already under way!

While many of us are at home, working or furloughed (think that’s the right spelling), we may have discovered, or already known about, multiple person video conferencing. Up to 30 people, on some formats, can be on the same video stream at the same time. All talking and exchanging views, although it can be difficult to get a word in edgeways with so many people online. dbfb staff have come up with a Friday evening meeting which I have to admit is excellent. When there is a large group having a ‘weekend pint’ in the local bar after work, it is always the way of things that inevitably to carry on sensible gossip we split into smaller groups of two, three or four. On a video call as described, this does not happen. Everyone hears everyone else’s comments and you don’t wonder what is being said in that group, over there, on the other side of the bar. There is only one group, you don’t have to drink pints of beer or lager, you drink what you want, it’s very cost effective (cheaper) and you can drink as much as you can take, without falling off your chair, because you don’t have to drive home, your already there!

At last, after several years of writing technology stuff, I have been able this month to write on a subject quite close to my and many of my colleagues’ and friends’ hearts.