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1st January 2019

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By Simon Platt

Managing Director

Pumpkin Print

FURTHER investment this year in the latest wide-format print technology made 2018 our biggest year ever, not just in terms of sales but also staff recruitment. With the increased capacity and faster turnaround times now demanded we have taken on two new members of staff to allow us to continue to deliver class-leading products and services into 2019 and beyond.

We pre-empted our usual summer uplift with the purchase of the new OCE Colorado 1640 roll-to-roll UV printer from Canon UK in May. Traditionally the summer period is our busiest time and we had been tipped off by our clients that this summer was looking big so we took the plunge and ordered the printer having been impressed with it in action at the FESPA trade print show earlier in the year.

The OCE Colorado is a traditional roll-to-roll style wide-format printer with a twist, it runs using a revolutionary new ink technology called UV Gel Ink. Basically, the gel ink droplets cure independently with no dot gain. When the ink comes into contact with the surface of the print media it dries instantly through the employ of LED lamps. It's odourless and environmentally friendly as it can be and delivers extraordinary density of colour and image sharpness.

The Colorado being a UV-style printer allows us to produce prints for both internal and external applications without the need for lamination unless specified. It produces high-quality prints on all the commonly used media such as self-adhesive vinyl, poster paper, banners, lightbox film and canvas that remain UV stable without lamination for up to four years. For longer term applications we would always recommend that your prints are laminated to protect them from the conditions and in some cases extend their life to ten years plus.

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