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1st January 2020

Print & Design


By Sam Rose


WHILE online marketing trends continue to develop - from voice search to featured snippets - it's always a good idea to go back to basics and take a look at your website with fresh eyes. As the main hub for all your online content, your website needs to be pleasing to the eye and make your products or services look appealing. It also needs to be laid out in a way that makes it easy for users and bots to navigate. Web design isn't just about the look and feel of your website - it's about building a website from the ground up that's going to facilitate easy and enjoyable use and provide a reliable structure.

A great website design will make it easy for your visitors to understand your business, find the information they need, and complete a transaction. It will help Google to find your website, present it well to those who are looking for it, and bring you more organic traffic. It will help you to showcase your brand, explain your offering and present your business in the best possible light. Above all else, a great website design can help you to reach your business goals - whatever they may be.

If you already have a website, the beginning of the year is a great time to regroup and consider whether the current design is working for you. A website that may have been fit for purpose a few years ago could now look dated, or it may be that your business and customers have moved on, and you need a new design or functionality that your current website no longer supports.

Perhaps your old design doesn't lend itself well to the larger amount of content you now have on your website, and things are looking confusing or cluttered. Or perhaps a lack of new content or innovation means your website has stagnated and you're afraid of being left behind by your competitors.

More and more websites are using live chat functionalities or bespoke interactive tools such as calculators, questionnaires, downloadable content and more. While some of these features could simply be added onto your existing website, it's a good idea to take stock before making too many changes. Would you be better served by a website that has been designed to already include new and exciting features, rather than adding new features to an old website?

If you're going to make changes, it's best to do it properly. Avoid doing things by halves and commit yourself to a new website that does everything you need it to - right from the get-go - and is even futureproofed to do more.

If you would like to give your website a new lease of life in 2020, contact SilverDisc on 01536 316100 or email hello@silverdisc.co.uk