Free employee engagement surveys


1st September 2019

Recruitment & Training


HAPPY employees are proven to have a positive effect on the overall performance of an organisation. With EasyWeb's free employee engagement survey you'll be able to understand and analyse how your staff feel about you as an employer, so that you can build a more engaged workforce.

With 14 simple questions as standard, and the option to add in additional or custom questions, you'll get the answers you really want to know. The surveys are laptop, mobile and tablet friendly, so your employees can easily complete it on any device, any time and anywhere.

The answers to each survey are completely anonymous, allowing your employees to answer freely and give honest feedback, ensuring you receive accurate results. The results are then combined into a series of graphs, charts and comments, making them easy for you to analyse - so you can get to work on building your engagement strategy and improving performance across your organisation.

You can choose to promote your results with a branded showcase page, highlighting the questions where your organisation performed well. This page can also be added to your website to engage potential jobseekers and promote the results to your existing employees too.

"Using EasyWeb Engagement has given us a great insight into what our employees think of us as an employer and we'd 100 per cent recommend this tool to anyone looking to better their work environment! I'm happy we chose EasyWeb for this as the ease of creating the survey to suit our branding and the simplicity of sending it out to our employees is foolproof. There's nothing to lose with a free survey tool and it provides us with an excellent snapshot of our workplace." - UK Talent Manager, LEAP Legal Software

If you're interested in creating your own employee engagement survey, get in touch at or call 0845 880 5848.