What is 'good' employability?


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CWR Consultancy

1st September 2019

Recruitment & Training

CWR Consultancy

CWR offers workshops exploring employability skills for both the individual and a business. Sessions are outcome driven and tailored to each company, group or individual need.

The firm has recently been involved in a variety of workshops including the following:


* Returner mum with 10 years off after children, returning to a senior role and needing to address confidence

* Ex-army finding civilian life employment tough

* Board level - where are the senior jobs and how to know how to apply

* Post university - lost their way

* Industry sales specialist wanting to transfer industry


* Recruit effectively, efficiently and in budget

* Retention of staff

* Business behaviours

* What is good work

CWR supports at all stages in the employment journey. By consultative coaching, the CWR team are able to identify an individual's career goals and aspirations and align them to the strategic planning of a business looking to recruit.

Since founding a recruitment firm in 2011, Charlotte Sykes and her team have consistently enjoyed a high referral rate for being more than a recruitment business but a firm that will become a recruitment partner for the long term.

Managing Director Charlotte said: "We love what we do as no two days are the same. How can they be when no two people are the same? It is our job to help people understand their strengths and to help them recognise opportunities that will enable their career or their business to flourish."

CWR's office in Litchborough has ample space to run both one-to-one and group sessions as well as hosting clients for a day of strategic planning.

To find out more, visit www.cwrconsultancy.co.uk