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The Mallows Company

1st July 2018

Starting & Staying In Business

The Mallows Company

INVESTMENT needs measurable returns, so at The Mallows Company we work with you to define the outcomes you require.

For nearly 30 years, The Mallows Company have helped companies and organisations to get the very best from their people. Our wide range of off-the-shelf training solutions is designed to meet the needs of everyday business, but it is their capacity to design or tailor a bespoke course to exactly fit their client's specification on which they have built their enviable reputation for all levels of business: be that sole traders, start-ups, operational front line up to executive level.

The Mallows Company's speciality is building long-term relationships with clients and getting to know their businesses, meaning that we can work with clients to get the most from their businesses, now and moving forward to the future.

We also offer one-to-one coaching and mentoring to hone the skills and requirements of personal development within your business. Our team of coaches and mentors are experienced and highly trained to ensure that your people can relate to them and get maximum benefit from the process. Key individuals can be coached simultaneously, so results happen faster!

We pride ourselves not only on the flexibility and versatility of our services - from training to career guidance, personal development to event management - but also on the consistently high standard with which those services are delivered. The goal is simple; to help you and your business fulfil your full potential.

The team knows that the key to successful training is to unlock the learner's potential and the commitment to that guiding principle underwrites our comprehensive approach to training and mentoring. Without exception all our trainers, coaches and mentors are professional, qualified and experienced people, passionate about their subject and dedicated to meeting the development needs of your business, whatever they may be.

I have a real strong belief that everyone has greatness within them, everyone is capable of great things - sometimes you just need a mentor or a coach or an advisor to help you go off and do something different. That's fundamentally what we do - to help people to move forward, wherever they are in their work and life, to realise their potential.

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The Mallows Company