Flushed with success

Wellingborough School

1st May 2019

Training & Education

Wellingborough School

YEAR 4 at Wellingborough School have been studying India as part of their curriculum during the Lent Term. More specifically, the slums and lack of access to fresh water and toilets.

When researching how they could make a difference to this they came across Toilet Twinning - a water and sanitation initiative in Africa that works to 'flush away poverty, one toilet at a time'.

The classes wrote persuasive letters to Mrs Owen (Head of Prep) to ask if they could arrange a sponsored water walk which would consist of the children walking a mile around the school grounds carrying full water containers on their heads - as children of the same age would do in India and Africa on a regular basis.

The pupils were sponsored individually to contribute to the year group's goal of £240 which would buy a block of toilets for a disadvantaged school in Africa.

The children actually managed to raise over £1,750 which has been spent on seven blocks of toilets in the following locations: Nkhombole, Rumphi District, Malawai; Mwazisi, Rumphi District, Malawi and Choma, Southern Province, Zambia

Congratulations to Year 4 at Wellingborough School and well done for all of their hard work.

To find out more about this fantastic initiative visit www.toilettwinning.org

Contact Wellingborough School on 01933 222427 or visit www.wellingboroughschool.org