Digital marketing: the year in review


1st December 2019

What A Year


By Sam Rose


TAKE a trip through the SilverDisc blog and you'll discover that it's been quite a year for the company, as well as for digital marketing as a whole. As technology continues to develop, we have been able to learn and implement new tools and ideas for our clients to help them grow their businesses.

In 2019, the buzz around voice search continued to increase, and content such as video and podcasts have continued to grow in popularity - all important things to know if you're looking for new ways to reach your audience. Meanwhile, we engaged with new search engine optimisation methods. A new way to make images smaller has helped us to make web pages load faster and increase the likelihood of a page being ranked higher in organic search results.

Added to this, mobile has remained a vital part of any business's marketing strategy. Google now places high importance on your website's performance on mobile devices, and it's essential that the page speed, usability and content of your website is optimised for mobile. Whether your users are visiting your site on a desktop or mobile device, you now need to make mobile a priority if you want to stand a chance of ranking well in Google search results.

We have also seen a gradual turn to artificial intelligence (AI) in the industry. On the paid search side of things, this translates to more automated bidding and machine learning - meaning Google and Bing will automate your paid ads to get the best out of them, so that as marketers, we can concentrate on the bigger picture and better help your business grow. In terms of web design, there has been a surge in the use of AI tools such as chatbots, which help customers to get answers to their questions faster.

For SilverDisc, this year has brought some great opportunities, with MD Alan Perkins attending the exclusive Google Elevator Programme. It was a great honour for SilverDisc to be selected for this six-month programme, which has provided us with some valuable new marketing insights. In October we also launched the brand new SilverDisc website, which showcases our web development, design and digital marketing skills even better than before.

We've been very happy to be able to help our clients achieve and exceed their targets this year, by applying our skills and keeping up with the latest technology and innovations. We look forward to continuing this into 2020!

If you would like any help with your digital marketing in the new year, phone SilverDisc now on 01536 316100 or email and you can steal a march on your competitors.