Plenty of positive projects

Sywell Aerodrome

1st December 2018

What A Year

Sywell Aerodrome

By Michael Bletsoe-Brown

Group Managing Director

Sywell Aerodrome

DESPITE the financial turmoil since 2008 and the more recent Brexit debacle, Sywell Aerodrome continues to grow and develop. But there have been some negatives amongst the positives from 2018.

A new threat to the Aerodrome has arisen in the form of the expanding housing developments encouraged by Government in the local area. These developments have the potential to threaten the viable operation of the Aerodrome through complaints to the local authority from residents of the new housing. Of particular concern is the proposed housing development along the A43 directly under the long-established aircraft circuit pattern for the Aerodrome runways, which is currently in open countryside. Our concerns have been lodged with the powers that be.

On a positive note, I am very pleased to report that Carolyn Grace and her son, Richard, together with their collection of iconic war birds, including the Grace Spitfire, have moved into a purpose built blister hangar on the Aerodrome. This has added a new dimension to the Aerodrome operations. It is quite common now to see Spitfires and other exotic war birds in the skies locally much to the pleasure of a large number of people who regularly tell us how they enjoy the spectacle and the deep rumble of the Merlin engine.

The new LED runway lighting installation is another existing development that will hopefully pave the way to approval for a non-precision approach to the All-Weather Runway. This will encourage additional corporate aircraft to the Aerodrome making it possible to fly in in all weathers to the benefit of local businesses.

Sywell Aerodrome is also working on plans to develop high-end VIP travel. The aim is to provide a personal and seamless service without the hassle often associated with air travel. If this is of interest, we would love to hear from you.

The possibility of a Science Park on the Aerodrome is another exciting prospect and an area has already been allocated for this adjacent to the Centres of Excellence that have already been established on the Aerodrome. To find out more about the facilities and services available at Sywell Aerodrome call 01604 491112.