Starting with a new look

BTT Networking Services

1st December 2019

What A Year

BTT Networking Services

BTT started the year by launching its rebrand from BTT Voice and Data to simply BTT.

We found that we had so many services that Voice and Data did not cover what we did, so we decided to simplify it to BTT and add our strapline; Keeping your Business Connected.

We also developed a portfolio of icons in line with our new logo to differentiate between our services. From the rebrand of our logo, we have rolled it out across our website, social media, printed material, workwear and our vans.

This approach has helped our prospects, suppliers and customers to easily identify our core message and the solutions that we offer.

Like most in the business community, we have found it hard to find suppliers that we can partner with and work with to develop our brand. In light of this, we'd like to thank the following people:

* Angela O'Donnell, SC Agency

* Mark Coster, Pixooma

* Simon Langham and Becky Cable, Unumbox

* Mat Nation, Personalised Nation

* Lance Holland, BrightKidz

* Sam Sayer, DeType

* Richard Atkins, APS Promotions


Building our local presence

Our company has been going for nearly 25 years and we have customers as far as Scotland, down to the Devon coast. The majority of our operations are in the Midlands and we decided to be more strategic and focus on enhancing our reputation within Northamptonshire.

We have done this by immersing ourselves within local networking and as such we expanded our membership within BNI. Currently, we are members of two Northampton chapters (Prosperity and Lighthouse) and one in Wolverhampton (Century). So far this year, BNI has generated £56,637 of business based solely on referrals from these chapters.

Additionally, this year, we took part in the SME Northamptonshire Business Awards as a sponsor of the Business of the Year, Less Than 50 Employees category. Not only did this raise our profile, we found it extremely interesting to be part of the judging process. Local businesses are doing some truly innovative and exciting things and it is great to see that, first hand.


Business growth is up

Despite a turbulent political and economical time, we are pleased to report that we are up by 21 per cent on our turnover from last year.

Our business growth is down to being more proactive in our marketing, streamlining processes and growing our customer base. We have increased our local customer base as planned but we have also won several large projects, one of which is with a national furniture retailer, implementing private WAN and broadband across nearly 140 sites.

Our businesses success is down to our team. All of our team are knowledgeable, hardworking and have exceptional customer service skills. The support they give to our clients is why we retain 98 per cent of our client base each year.

Ultimately, our attitude in 2019 has been 'keep working and keep focused on what is within our control'. We are looking forward to 2020 and hope that it will be as interesting as 2019!



BTT Networking Services