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Corby is a town in the midst of regeneration and growth – a town beginning to reinvent itself after the loss of its traditional industries. Development continues apace and the opportunities for firms large and small are evident – new building work, excellent transport links and provision for everything from multi-national companies to the newest start-ups. Our feature examines what’s happening in Corby and showcases some of the firms that are making it such a success.

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1st March 2020

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WORLD Autism Day takes place on 2 April; in fact the entire month of April denotes World Autism Awareness Month.

Asperger's syndrome is a variant of autism, and people who have this syndrome are usually considered to be at the higher end of the autism spectrum. People with Asperger's syndrome display the following traits:

* difficulty with (qualitative) social communication.

* difficulty with (qualitative) social interaction.

* Adverse sensory responses to certain stimuli.

* Rigid, repetitive, routine, and ritualistic behaviours.