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Alpha Contracts

An independent specialist vehicle contract hire and leasing company made up of a team with extensive experience of the motor industry and fully trained in the world of vehicle funding.

As an established franchisee of some of the largest providers of vehicle finance in the UK, we benefit from massive fleet buying power and volume related bonuses, therefore our customers reap significant savings.

We specialise in all types of car finance such as PCP, HP, Finance Lease and Outright Purchase, but in particular car leasing, van leasing, vehicle leasing and contract hire in the UK.

We can cater for all needs and arrange suitable finance for the private individual, business or large fleet customers.


The sales team is very aware of the importance of each customer, from those with large fleets to those with one vehicle. We treat every individual requirement as important and every vehicle is tailored to your needs, whether you are a company with a large business fleet, sole trader with specific trade requirements or a private individual finding their pride and joy, each customer is given the same customer care throughout the life of their deal.

We pride ourselves on not just putting the emphasis on the sale but also on the after-sales service, we aim to provide a first class service and build long-term business relationships.

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