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Established for over 50 years in Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas (originally as O’Connor & Company and R.A Austin Insurance), BHIB have a well established reputation for excellence and professionalism across Northamptonshire and the wider midlands area. BHIB are proud to act as Insurance Broker for many of Northampton’s most well established business names.

About BHIB Insurance Brokers

Whilst BHIB are rightly proud of their heritage, they are also committed to being as innovative and forward thinking as possible when tailoring Insurance and Risk Management solutions for clients of all sizes and from all business sectors. Their unique approach to Insurance enables them to truly become your “In House” Insurance expert, allowing you to relax and concentrate on what matters. Running your business.

As a CII Chartered Insurance Broker, you can be sure that if you choose BHIB, you are choosing a Broker who is recognised within the industry for professionalism and quality.

BHIB Insurance Brokers is a trading name of BHIB Limited. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority


Catalytic converter theft on the rise

1st April 2020

THIEVES are exploiting a loophole in the law that called on scrap metal dealers to run checks on where the metals had come from.

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Put a strategy in place to reduce risk

1st March 2020

ACCORDING to the UK's National Police Reporting service Actionfraud, cyber crime now accounts for over half of all recorded crimes in the UK, which is presenting challenging risks for local businesses.

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Protect yourself from cyber crime

1st November 2019

ACCORDING to the UK's National Police Reporting service Actionfraud, cyber crime now accounts for over half of all recorded crimes in the UK, which is presenting challenging risks for local businesses.

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Insurance crisis - are you ready for the rise?

1st September 2019

CONTRACTORS are being forced out of business due to being unable to secure the professional indemnity insurance they need. This is a growing problem and a concern for all construction-related trades.

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Flood insurance that means business

1st July 2019

WHAT do you do when your business floods three times within ten years? When premiums are forced up to unaffordable levels and your policy carries a massive excess? Or even when your insurer won't provide you with flood cover at all?

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Medical insurers making it easier to access treatment

1st May 2019

By Adam Grundy

Employee Benefits Account Executive

BHIB Insurance Brokers

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Get the right insurance package

1st March 2019

By Ashwin Mistry

THE current uncertainty and the likelihood of a no-deal Brexit are causing real fear among firms involved in the packaging industry.

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The dangers of overloading vehicles

1st January 2019

By Tommy Reid

Account Executive

BHIB Insurance Brokers

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Be ready to react should something go wrong

1st November 2018

By Richard Davies

BHIB Insurance Brokers

THROUGH our own economic and technological development, we have significantly increased the stress we put on our natural resources and environment.

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Embracing life science

1st September 2018

BHIB are proud to have recently entered into an exciting partnership with Medilink East Midlands (, as they look to offer bespoke insurance and risk management solutions for the m

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The hidden risks of driving at work

1st July 2018

Mat Kiff, Transport & Logistics Team Leader at BHIB Insurance Brokers, explains how driving at work is the most dangerous work activity that most people do in the course of their jobs


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A healthy addition to the portfolio

1st May 2018

HEALTH and wellbeing, fitness and welfare are all words that are becoming more and more common, both at home and in the workplace.

Jo Tressler, Head of Employee Benefits at BHIB Insurance Brokers explains more:

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Reminder to firms to prepare

1st March 2018

BHIB Insurance Brokers is reminding local firms to ensure they are prepared for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to avoid potentially hefty fines.

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The advantages of employee benefits schemes

1st January 2018

By James Brooks

Employee Benefits Specialist

BHIB Insurance Brokers


THE wants and needs of modern employees are vastly different from those of their predecessors.

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Ensure you're covered as you expand

1st November 2017

By Callum Errington
BHIB Insurance Brokers
IN an ever changing economy, it's sometimes necessary for a business to expand or relocate to match the requirements of their business.

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Business continuity planning - top tips

1st November 2017

BRIAN Brookes, BHIB's in-house Risk Manager, has prepared his Top Ten Tips for successful Business Continuity Planning, whatever your business or sector. How many of these form part of your Business Continuity Plan?

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Motor accidents - the need to act quickly

1st October 2017

WHEN it comes to minimising costs after an incident involving a third party, timing and recording the right information are everything.

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The insurance implications of sub-contractors

1st September 2017

AS a business owner or someone involved in arranging insurances on behalf of a business, you may have been asked to provide information regarding the sub-contractors you use.

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The implications of vibration injury

1st August 2017

Richard Davies, Corporate Account Executive at BHIB Insurance Brokers provides an update on the impact of vibration-based injuries.

VIBRATION injuries can cause ill health in workers who are frequently exposed to it.

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Will new rate affect your insurance premiums?

1st July 2017

EARLIER this year it was announced by the Lord Chancellor that the Ogden discount rate will be reduced from 2.5 per cent to -0.75 per cent in England and Wales, thus setting a new rate applicable under the Damages Act 1996.

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Cameras bring risk of fines

1st May 2017

CCTV cameras are seen as an everyday occurrence, with systems continuing to enjoy public support as they go about their day-to-day business.

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New insurance guidelines for self-driving cars

1st April 2017

ON 22 February, the Government published the Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill, with the hope being that these measures will help the UK to become a world leader in the area of self-driving and autonomous vehicles.

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Key person and shareholder protection cover

1st February 2017

ARE you adequately covered if a director, shareholder or key employee was diagnosed with a serious illness or passed away?

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Using a broker to settle a claim will pay dividends

19th September 2016

SOMETIMES whether you are a commercial insurance customer or a personal one, understanding what to do in the event of a claim can be difficult and stressful.

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Drones are the future but get the right cover

22nd August 2016

WHILE hobbyists have been using unmanned aerial vehicles, better known as drones, for some time, companies are just starting to adapt the technology for their own uses.

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Ensure you are covered for business travelling

25th April 2016

BUSINESS travel amongst SME firms has been steadily rising over the last year; research suggests that UK businesses are becoming more geographically mobile, both here in the UK and overseas.

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