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SilverDisc is a full service digital marketing agency with a track record of getting it right for its clients. Founded in 1993 and based in Kettering, SilverDisc is unlike any other digital marketing agency, certainly in Northamptonshire. SilverDisc focuses on its clients' profitability and growth and operates their websites and marketing to deliver this, rather than simply act as an online brochure.

SilverDisc designs and builds secure, stable, fast lead-gen or ecommerce websites and apps to work on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. It markets websites and apps built by itself or others, using all forms of online marketing such as SEO, PPC, social and email with partners such as Google, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn. And, most importantly, it continuously improves websites, apps and marketing by putting in place measurement and optimisation methods that allow the value of every click, lead or sale to be measured and improved.

SilverDisc has been around for a long time, since well before Google and Facebook. Founded in 1993 to develop marketing applications on compact disc (hence our name), we quickly got online. We were running our first web server in 1994 for our client, HarperCollins, and in 1995 we helped Barclays to develop the first online banking service. Later in 1995 we began search marketing with the launch of AltaVista. We began PPC marketing in 2001 and social media marketing in 2006. When it comes to the Web, we've been there, seen it, done it - we even have an original Google t-shirt, having worked with Google to write their webmaster guidelines. Google's Matt Cutts said of our work together:

Our discussions helped to clarify the Google guidelines and the thinking behind them; we'd been batting around similar ideas within Google, but hearing the same things being said from outside Google was very helpful to know that we were on the same page as other smart people.

We're a marketing company, but we're a marketing company founded by technologists. This means we have a deep and broad understanding of the whole ecosystem in which our marketing is operating, including issues such as scalability, stability and security. It's no good sending visitors to a website that is slow or has fallen over or been hacked. In 1999 SilverDisc's founder Alan Perkins filed two patents covering some very fundamental search engine ground, including crawling and indexing of the web and personalisation of search results - both still hot topics today. Both patents were granted and have been successfully licensed. We continue to use their principles and processes in the systems and tools we run for our clients.

At SilverDisc we are experts in digital marketing. Our marketing team has a wealth of experience across varied online marketing channels, networks and industries. Whether you would like us to work with you on your new marketing venture or would like us to audit and manage your current marketing approach, get in touch today and find out how we can help you!

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