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Simon Cowell: ‘Of all the cars I’ve had in my life, this is my favourite’

MUSIC MOGUL and TV celebrity Simon Cowell has spoken of his joy at owning one of the first all-electric Mini eMastered cars built by David Brown Automotive at its Silverstone factory.

The car is a completely bespoke James Bond-inspired all-electric adaptation of the Mini that Mr Cowell bought from the company four years ago.

“This has always been my dream car,” says Mr Cowell. “It was on my wish list; one day I wanted to have a classic Mini. Then I read about this company, and I thought ‘I’ve got to have one of those’.

“I have to say, of all the cars I have ever had in my life, this is my favourite. This is a keeper.”

Simon Cowell is pictured with journalist and TV presenter Nicki Shields as he receives his Mini eMastered.

The Mini eMastered model is a classic Mini remastered as a luxurious, clean city car, hand-built from the ground up over hundreds of hours, lavishly appointed inside and out and fitted with a modern EV powertrain.

The car has an electronically limited top speed of 92mph and retains the Mini’s trademark ‘go-kart’ performance. The new version weighs no more than the classic petrol-powered model, the company says. Mini eMastered can cover 110 miles on a single charge and can recharge on a home wall box in three hours.

“I have never ever driven a car in my life which is remotely close to a go-kart – apart from this. It’s brilliant,” says Mr Cowell. “This is the closest I’ve got because it is low. Now with the electric motor, you’ve got that immediate torque so you have instant acceleration as soon as you hit the accelerator. That’s the beauty of driving electric.”

Each car is an entirely bespoke creation, built to the exact preferences of the owner. The interior also features the latest technology, including a modern, integrated infotainment system, featuring Bluetooth connectivity and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

“David Brown Automotive are so passionate about what they do,” says Mr Cowell. “They love the cars more than I do, genuinely. That’s why this has been so much fun.” 

David Brown Automotive’s entry into electric mobility allows enthusiasts and collectors to commission their own electrified model, while current Mini Remastered owners can also convert existing, petrol-powered variants.

“It’s been a real delight to work with Simon  from start to finish  and we’re thrilled to have been able to bring his vision for an all-electric, entirely personalised Mini eMastered to life,” says sales and marketing director Michelle Gay “This is the perfect way to kick off David Brown Automotive’s electric future. Mini eMastered is a machine that appeals to both the head and the heart.

“It blends the classic looks of an automotive design icon with modern convenience and an ultra-responsive, clean electric performance – all underpinned by our signature, bespoke, British handcraftsmanship.”

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