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Nothing can replace the personal touch


In my grandparents’ lifetime, technology progressed from the horse and cart to landing on the Moon. Just think: they experienced life with no television, no computers, no calculators, no mobile phones, no worldwide web, no social media.

Excessive use of social media can lead to feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety. It is almost a curse to be tied to your phone and heaven forbid that you go out and forget to take it with you. But leave your phone behind on purpose and the feeling can be quite liberating.

At Home Instead East Northants, we embrace technology but, as our strapline says: “To us, it’s Personal”. This means that when you call us, you always speak to a real person. No annoying automated messages asking you to press 1, 2 or 3 or requiring that you leave a message. You will always speak to one of our helpful team. If that person cannot answer your query, they will put you in touch with a colleague who can.

Technology certainly has its place. We have a system by which our CAREGivers confirm when they arrive at a client’s home so we know instantly that our CAREGivers have arrived safely and on time to provide all the required care.

At the end of every visit, our CAREGivers upload their personal visit notes, which are then easily accessible before and during future visits. To ensure confidentiality, the rights to view the personalised and detailed care plans for each client are restricted to the relevant CAREGiver and our main office.

We still require our CAREGivers to ring and speak to the client’s manager if they have any concerns about the client, ensuring the quickest possible follow-up.

There is nothing more comforting than for your loved one to continue to live in their own home. Our CAREGivers provide all the required care and assistance and build a close relationship with each client. They go the extra mile, arranging birthday surprises and anniversary cakes. Our younger adult clients have been wheelchair ice skating and on trips to the seaside. Our CAREGivers are always happy to take a loved one out, whether to an appointment or for an outing.