The importance of local knowledge

Chelton Brown

1st April 2018

Focus On Daventry District

Chelton Brown

THE competitiveness of the property market has never been more apparent, however, the success of Chelton Brown proves that local knowledge is key to staying one step ahead of the competition.

Chelton Brown is one of few remaining local and independent estate agents in the area with more and more national and online agents becoming prominent, and feels this is extremely important. The Daventry team have all lived and worked in the area their entire lives, meaning that their local knowledge is second to none.

As trivial as it may seem the ability to locate the nearest local amenities at any given property (or the best pub!) gives clients a personal service that cannot be rivalled by national or online agencies.

Moreover, living and working in the area means that one's finger is always on the pulse. The team understands the area and how house prices are affected from one side of town to the other, again not something an online agent could necessary say as they often cover as large an area as four counties.

Chelton Brown feels it is vital to get involved in local events, examples of this include Cycle for Cynthia, the women's cycle race, and this year it has been confirmed that the firm will be one of the main sponsors at the Daventry 10K road race, a fantastic opportunity to help local social enterprise give back to the community.

If you have a property locally that you feel Chelton Brown may be up to help with, give the local property experts a call on 01327 879431.

Chelton Brown