Partner appointed to national committee

Wilson Browne

1st February 2018

Legal Briefing

Wilson Browne

LOUISE Tyler, Head of the Medical Negligence and Personal Injury Team at Wilson Browne Solicitors, has been appointed to the Society of Clinical Injury Lawyers (SCIL) Executive Committee.

A national organisation, SCIL aims to promote best practice in the conduct of clinical negligence claims, to influence public policy for the benefit of its members and injured persons and, in doing so, to promote access to justice.

Louise's appointment is important not just to her: it should be important to everyone, as she has taken an active role in campaigning against proposals that would inhibit access to justice for many people. Capping fees for such highly specialist work as clinical and medical negligence would have a detrimental effect on pursuing claims as it would make it economically unviable for medical experts to be called: it could also potentially make it unattractive to highly trained, specialist lawyers. In simple terms, the less well-off would be extremely disadvantaged, and access to justice should never be dependent on income or other means.

Claims such as medical negligence should not be confused with run-of-the-mill, personal injury 'slips 'n' trips': medical negligence is about life-changing and life-threatening errors, some of which do, unfortunately, result in death. As a specialist in medical negligence, Louise has represented many children with birth injury claims, where she has recovered compensation that will assist them and their families in securing appropriate support, potentially for the rest of their lives.

Her membership of the specialist panels recognises her experience and confirms her expertise in representing clients with clinical negligence claims.

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Wilson Browne