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It’s a worrying time at the moment, isn’t it?

IN a change from the normal detailed legal article, we want to focus on a more ‘global’ message.

Whilst many people are working from home, an equal number will be ‘worrying from home’: worrying about their business, their employees or their own personal circumstances.

Perhaps by the time this goes to print, lockdown will be over: maybe it will – maybe it won’t. Either way, our message remains the same and that message is ‘we’re still here, we’re open, we can help’.

We know you are finding it increasingly hard to carry on as normal. After all, this is not ‘normal’. Perhaps we all need to adjust to ‘the new normal’ whatever that looks like. For us, that means continuing to serve the needs of our clients without everything needing a face-to-face meeting or a visit to one of our offices,

If you need advice on behalf of a business, we can help. You may have questions about employees, rent, contractual obligations, managing cash flow or simply need advice on what to do.

We anticipate lots of questions regarding ‘furloughing’. For example, the latest (at the time of writing) clarifications include an express allowance that employees can start a new job when on furlough leave – this means that they could, theoretically, receive a furlough leave payment for their old salary plus 100 per cent salary for their new job; and a provision for company directors to furlough themselves whilst performing only their statutory duties.

There will be questions about commercial rent and how to manage situations where rent goes unpaid. Inevitably, there are going to be challenges regarding fulfilling contractual obligations and there will most likely be disputes in some cases.

On a personal level there are a variety of things that people need help with – we want to reassure you all, that even if you can’t get to a Wilson Browne office we are still here for you and are all the help you need.

We’re hosting a Coronavirus hub on our website where we try to cover anything and everything we think you’ll find helpful. This is updated daily with helpful information for businesses www.wilsonbrowne.co.uk/thehub

If you do need to call us, the majority of our staff are working safely from home and available to take calls and emails for any queries you may have.

Stay safe and if you need us, we’re here for you. Call 0800 088 6004 or email