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Barclays to open new Eagle Lab supporting start-up and young businesses

BARCLAYS is preparing to launch a new Eagle Lab at Vulcan Works in Northampton.

The Eagle Lab aims to drive economic growth by signposting start-up and young businesses to a network of industry experts and mentors, growth programmes, events and workshops, investors and funding streams.

Barclays Eagle Labs’ eco system manager Owen Moran will be based at Vulcan Works (main picture) as part of a contract between the bank and Oxford Innovation Space, which manages Vulcan Works.

Owen Moran.

The works’ centre manager Garrick Hurter said: “Northamptonshire has one of highest rates of start-up businesses in the UK. Unfortunately, we also have a high failure rate. This is something we wanted to tackle when we launched, through offering bespoke business support and cost-effective workspace solutions.

“To be able to enhance this support further with the backing and expertise of Barclays and its industry experts will really make a difference to so many entrepreneurs and young businesses.”

Mr Moran added: “Eagle Labs provide a wealth of support to start-up businesses, particularly those who are focused on technology and innovation. Physical spaces like this one in Northampton are vital for businesses to get connected with our mentors, specialists and to create a collaborative community with each other.”

West Northamptonshire Council says the arrival of the Barclays Eagle Lab is a valuable addition to the level of business support already being provided. “This is set to enhance and amplify the expert support already available for businesses in the area and make a real positive change to our local economy,” said Cllr Dan Lister, cabinet member for economic development, town centre regeneration and growth.

“At West Northamptonshire Council we are dedicated to enabling local, sustainable growth for all employers in the area and we can only achieve this by working with organisations such as Vulcan Works and Barclays Eagle Labs.”

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