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Business Times

1st May 2020


By Julie Barnes-Ward


Business Times

I WOULD like to thank all the clients who have supported Business Times for many years but, due to the enforced circumstances, I have decided at present to suspend future editions. 

All those companies’ support has very much been appreciated, but I would particularly like to thank those companies that have continued their involvement in this month’s edition - as the saying goes, it really wouldn’t have happened without you!

I started the business in 1991 with Alan Spooner and we developed and built the newspaper together. Following Alan’s retirement I made the decision to publish the paper in colour, it was a big change, considering Business Times had always been black and white, but thankfully it was well received and the paper has gone from strength to strength since then.

Business Times has always been a small team and many of us have worked together for a number of years. I would particularly like to thank photographer Steve Brill and writers Tony Rowen and Annie Roberts. 

The editor Judith Halliday and I have worked alongside each other for many years, and to say I couldn’t have done it without her is an understatement.

We will not be publishing in the foreseeable future but we wish all our clients and readers the very best. Above all, please stay safe.

When events allow us all to return to work, it is important we support each other, support those small businesses within the county, as well as our larger companies and that we work together to help the economy of the county grow