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1st February 2019

Recruitment & Training

CWR Consultancy

CWR Consultancy, headed up by Charlotte Sykes, are known in their field for their breadth of market knowledge, extensive network and traditional customer service values.

CWR support at all stages in the employment journey, be it your first job or a board level position, a company's first recruit or supporting with succession planning to enable a business owner to retire.

By consultative coaching with individuals and with businesses, the CWR team are able to identify an individual's career goals and aspirations and align them to the strategic planning of a business looking to recruit.

Since founding a recruitment firm in 2011, Charlotte and her team have consistently enjoyed a high referral rate for being more than a recruitment business but a firm that will become a recruitment partner for the long term.

Managing Director Charlotte said: "We love what we do as no two days are the same. How can they be when no two people are the same? It is our job to help people understand their strengths and to help them recognise opportunities that will enable their career or their business to flourish."

CWR have enjoyed an incredibly busy last 12 months including:

* Training/coaching events for businesses, HR events and the Next Generation, Chamber of Commerce

* Working closely with many local schools and running the careers programme for 18 of them including support with Gatsby Benchmarking

* One-to-one career coaching for students, returner mums and board level managers

* Recruitment projects - as well as day-to-day recruitment needs, assisting with projects including first non-shareholder recruits, a merger and a company relocation.

Our office in Litchborough has ample space to run both one-to-one and group sessions as well as hosting clients for a day of strategic planning. We are very spoilt to work in such a beautiful setting and we love the opportunity to share it with our partners.

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