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Keeping the business community in touch

By Gerald Couldrake

Howes Percival LLP

WHILE Howes Percival no longer has an office in Wellingborough, our commitment to its business and professional community remains unchanged.

For over 225 years Howes Percival has been part of the county’s business network and serving the Wellingborough community has always been a part of what we do. The Wellingborough business community is incredibly important to the prosperity of the county. We have helped, over many years, a lot of businesses based in Wellingborough and it is often as quick for us to drive to see them in Wellingborough as it is to get to a client within Northampton.

Nowadays, our focus is on providing help and support to businesses located, for example, on the Park Farm and Finedon Road Industrial Estates. Clients include Tingdene, Barton Petroleum, Chester Road LLP, Hitachi Medical Systems and Lonsdale Print Solutions.

We have also acted on many disposals of businesses located in Wellingborough, enabling the owners to realise substantial value for the businesses they have owned and developed. Such sales include Saxby’s chilled pastry business, Mykal Limited, Marshman Price Insolvency Practitioners and Channel Creasing Matrix.

Although Howes Percival is well known for acting for some very public and prominent clients, by far the majority of our clients are ‘normal’ businesses located in and around the county.

With the County Council in crisis, we think it is really important that the county’s businesses talk to each other and discuss the key issues that affect the local economy. With the demise of Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership, such a forum doesn’t really exist. It makes it vital that professionals such as solicitors, accountants and surveyors, who deal with the full range of our county’s businesses, contribute to developing the economy and lobbying for what improvements are needed, both across the county and in specific locations like Wellingborough.

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