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A good accountant matters more than ever

Claire Emery

Changing accountants can be a difficult decision but, says Claire Emery, partner at chartered accountants Elsby & Co, sometimes it is time to move on for the sake of your business.

“If you seek out the right support early on and put in place the best structure, you will be in a better place in the long term.” This is easy to say after the event but because you never did it does not mean to say you cannot do it now.

I have been a partner at the Rushden office of Elsby and Co for five years now and I have met plenty of clients who were honest in admitting it was time to move on from their existing accountants. Unfortunately, some decide to stick with the status quo for reasons we understand.

‘Moving on’ is not always easy. Perhaps the existing accountant is a family friend or someone that supported them in the early days. As the business grows, it becomes clearer that their accountant does not always have the right level of expertise or they may be too busy to give them the time because they are a team of one.

Staying with an accountant out of loyalty is an honourable sentiment but if you are not getting the best service for your business, your accountants will not be the ones who suffer.

At Elsby & Co, we believe there is more to accounting than a set of books. We pride ourselves in the service we give our clients. We go above and beyond the remit of your typical accountant, advising on non-compliance elements such as business strategy, growth, funding, and wider marketing and business development. These areas are incredibly important for any business and can help to make a difference to the year-end numbers. We can provide a true one-stop shop for all your financial requirements and have the expertise to support you from the day you start your business to the day you retire, being the only accountant you should ever need.

Your accountant should be providing you with this level of expertise, giving you the time and freedom to work on the business, rather than in it.

With a number of ‘subject experts’, we cater for you and the growing needs of your business. We know from experience that many small business owners are unaware of the tax reliefs they could be claiming to reduce their tax bills. We think outside of the box and we work hard to understand your business, making sure you are claiming those tax reliefs available to you.

It is something of a myth that changing accountants is difficult. It can be simple and straightforward. We provide a free meeting – in person or virtual – to which you can bring in your accounts or tax returns. We can probably even make some suggestions there and then.

If you choose to change, we will email your existing accountants requesting information specific to your accounts. It is straightforward and quick and ensures you will be in a better place moving forward.

It never hurts to seek a second opinion and a conversation costs nothing. You are in charge of the process and you are in charge of how you want to move your business forward.

We hope Elsby & Co can be part of your future and help you reach your personal and business goals.


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