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Benefits of shrink wrapping

WALKERPACK’S shrink wrapping service provides a great number of benefits to its clients and is just one of the many added-value services that the Brackmills-based business offers.

Shrink wrapping is a very affordable packaging option and arguably delivers the same, if not better, protection properties than other materials with its simplicity also supporting its green appeal.

In simple terms the process involves wrapping a product in a plastic (shrink) film and applying heat to shrink the material around the product. The film is made from hard-wearing plastic and, as such, is very durable and, if applied correctly, will not move.

Protection is one of the main drivers for products to be packed and shrink wrapping provides an excellent barrier to dirt, moisture and other contaminates. Products will end up fully sealed by the plastic and in many cases the process is also utilised to protect against tampering.

Typically, a shrink-wrapped product will weigh less and take up less space for shipping, which not only benefits the customer but also the environment. If required, thicker shrink wrapping materials can be used and in some cases bubble wrap or profiled edging strips are used to support more delicate products such as glass.

Shrink wrapping provides an aesthetically pleasing, neat pack for items that are of an odd shape and difficult to wrap and customers often prefer its transparent properties which enable their products to be clearly seen through the packaging. With the skills and expertise provided by the team at Walkerpack even the most difficult designs are presented in a professional way.

Using shrink wrap to bundle items is also common practice in retail. Depending on the full packing specification this may be done with a thinner film providing just enough protection and hold to get a group of products into store and onto the shelf.

Ongoing investment in its workforce and technology means privately-owned Walkerpack can offer key services to add value to the supply chain. These include contract packing, warehouse services, logistics and ecommerce fulfilment.

To talk in confidence about your company’s needs call Steve Tiley on 01604 760529, email or see the website at www.walkerpack.co.uk

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