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Northampton Science Park reflects on its solar success

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IN A WORLD increasingly focused on sustainability, Northampton Science Park took a significant step towards reducing their environmental footprint and energy expenditure. They enlisted the expertise of local company Environmental Energies Ltd, based in Market Harborough, a renowned solar panel installation company , to harness the power of the sun effectively.

Northampton Science Park’s primary objective was to diminish their reliance on the grid, aligning with their commitment to sustainability and cost-efficiency. This decision offered a number of benefits: substantial cost savings, a commitment to environmental responsibility, and an attractive proposition for potential tenants keen on sustainability.

By generating over 110,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of clean energy annually, Northampton Science Park has significantly reduced its carbon emissions. This marks a substantial stride towards a more sustainable future.

The financial benefits of this solar venture are equally impressive. With an annual energy equivalent of £44,000 (calculated at 40p per kWh), the savings are substantial. These savings not only offer immediate financial gains but also represent a sustainable, long-term investment.

Environmental Energies Ltd opted for Tier 1 panels and inverters, ensuring maximum efficiency and durability. This choice guarantees Northampton Science Park uninterrupted access to solar power for years to come.

The installation boasts an impressive annual energy generation of 110,000 kWh, significantly offsetting the park’s energy needs. Equally remarkable is the swift return on investment, with a payback period of just three years. This means that the initial investment will be recouped quickly, leaving Northampton Science Park with years of virtually free energy.

The entire solar panel installation project was completed within a mere three weeks, minimising operational disruptions at the park while maximising the advantages of clean, renewable energy.

The collaboration between Environmental Energies Ltd and Northampton Science Park underscores the potential positive influence of solar energy on both businesses and the environment. This initiative has not only cut emissions and energy expenses but also demonstrated a commitment to a sustainable future. The case study serves as an inspiring example of how companies can make a difference while enjoying substantial financial returns through clean, renewable energy sources.


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